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Application,maintenance and repair of door closer

Application,maintenance and repair of door closer


1. The door closer of the new device should be used for about one to ten days. Check all the screws and tighten them from the beginning. 2. Use the hydraulic oil recommended by the manufacturer. For cold areas, use low-condensation point hydraulic oil. 3. After the door closer is put into operation, it should be checked regularly. The contents of the door closer are: whether the device screw is loose and thrown away, whether the connecting arm is rubbed against the door body or the door frame, whether the door body is deformed and loosened, and the door is buffered. Whether the support guide leaks oil or the like. 4. Usually the following problems will occur after using the door closer for a period of time: 1) The device screw is loose or thrown, resulting in the door closer not being in the correct device orientation and the connecting arm being damaged; 2) When the door closer is closed, the buffering effect is deteriorated, causing the door to collide with the door frame and the door body is deformed;

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