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Technical points of construction of glass door spring

Technical points of construction of glass door spring


Technical points of construction of glass door spring 1. The limiting groove of the fixed glass on the beam of the door frame should be wide and narrow, and the longitudinal direction is straight. Generally, the width of the limiting groove is larger than the thickness of the glass by 2 to 4 mm, and the groove depth is 10 to 20 mm, so that the glass plate can be smoothly inserted when the glass plate is installed, and the sealing glue is injected at both ends of the glass to make the fixing glass device strong. 2. When fixing the glass board of the glass board on the wooden bottom support, it should be 4mm away from the glass, so that the veneer can wrap the inner side of the wooden strip, so that the sealant can be injected to ensure the appearance is elegant and the connotation is strong. 3. The movable door leaf has no door leaf frame. The opening and closing of the door leaf is realized by the ground spring and the positioning pin on the door frame, and the floor spring and the positioning pin are hinged with the upper and lower rails of the door leaf. Therefore, the ground spring must be hinged with the positioning pin and the door leaf crosspiece, and ensure that the ground spring shaft and the center line of the positioning pin are on the same vertical line, so that the glass door leaf switch is free. 4. When the glass door is chamfered, the angle and punching in the processing factory should be adopted when cutting the glass.

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