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The Uses Of Patch Fittings

The Uses Of Patch Fittings




Patch fittings or glass door fittings represent a new and innovative approach to the design process. It is basically a way to support glass without the use of a frame.


Though it is an intricate mechanism, one which should only be implemented by professionals, it is quickly becoming the number one trend when it comes to modern interior and exterior design.


 Traditionally, glass had to be placed within the confines of a frame made of wood, metal or some other material. Therefore though there were attempts to have large glass windows, there was always the necessary interruption of a support apparatus. Patch fittings offer a new and stylish solution to this problem.


But through the use of the fittings, glass is made to appear independent of the restraints which once held it captive.



What Are The Uses?


The frameless model which patch fittings have introduced can be applied in various ways when it comes to the desired external décor of buildings as well as the design of the interior.


They are used to create seamless transitions from room to room, giving off an air of futurism. The concept of patch fittings incorporates toughened glass and the hardware accessories which supports it. The types of glass used are specifically made for the patch fittings to ensure the perfect fit every time.


Though patch fittings can be used in a variety of ways it must be noted that adequate civil engineering must be executed if it is to be successful and safe. With the help of patch fittings, large glass partitions are now possible. Their seamless design allows for the vivid ideas of the architect to be brought to life. More and more offices are separated by glass structures instead of walls, creating more opened and friendly spaces.


Never before was it entirely possible to have ceiling and wall partitions made completely from glass. This is now possible thanks to the advent of patch fittings. The thought of walking on glass was unheard of, now there are some bridges which are in part made of glass. Of course, the engineering surrounding a project of that magnitude is quite extensive. Still, the thought of a technology which facilitates partitions and doors to be used in such a way is very impressive.


Architectural designs which include ceiling partitions and floor partitions involves much more working pieces than patch fittings alone, they are many working pieces that must fit together in order to make it safe and secure. Though this is true, without the fittings, it would simply not have been possible.



Patch fittings can also be used to install doors or to be more accurate, frameless heavy glass entry systems. These are widely used in business places, heavy glass doors have become a feature with regards to businesses such as grocery stores, hardware stores and many more. These doors are mostly made from varying types of heavy glass, which even come in numerous colors and shades. The glass ranges from 3/8 to 3/4 in depth. This demonstrates the thickness of the glass and therefore the strength of the fittings as they must be able to sustain it. This is why the installation must be precise and done by someone who is well trained.



These large expanses of glass have translated onto our television screens as we view modern day offices being separated by glass alone, sometimes at the expense of employees who may want a bit of privacy as we have seen so often. The reflection of the modern office space in television shows reveals the magnitude of the increased usage of glass as an alternative to walls.


The uses of patch fittings seem to be endless with regards to what can now be accomplished using glass on a large scale as an architectural feature. This bodes well within the constructions sector. As more and more people embrace the idea of wide open spaces which let in the sunlight. There has also been a boost with regards of trained professionals who are equipped to install such modern technology. Patch fittings have opened many opportunities in various sectors, such as construction, architecture and engineering. The widespread use of them and the allure of large glass structures have had a vast impact on the service people who install them.



Why Is It So Popular?


It is important to take a look back at what was mainstream before patch fittings allowed for this new and bold approach to interior and exterior design. This is important because it lets us grasp why using these fittings have become so very popular in such a short space of time.

Spaces were separated by solid walls and doors were made of metal or wood.


This completely shut people off from the rest of the world, leaving them somewhat isolated, though in a building with hundreds of people. Patch fittings have issued in a new era of office design, one which is more modern and appealing. Office design which fits in with the new millennium. This is probably why most business offices are upgrading the way they look and opting for glass.



Store fronts also benefit from large uncovered glass windows. With no frame around them, store owners are able to advertise more freely, turning their store front into an attractive continuous advertisement as there is no breakage in the glass to hinder vision. This is yet another way how the use of patch fittings is having an impact on how things are done. Here it shows us how it effectively impacts advertising, by allowing the store owner to paint a picture of their products in a way that couldn’t be done before.


What To Remember


The uses of patch fittings are vast and they have changed the way in which buildings are designed both on the inside and the outside. They have inspired a bold approach to architecture and in some ways allowed us to be more connected. With just only a mere glass between us, patch fittings have created an atmosphere which seems boundless. We are in constant connection with each other, even if only through sight.



Though a small feat of engineering prowess the patch fitting has had a social impact on us as well. Therefore it would be safe to say that the uses of the glass door fittings are not only limited to its ability to create walls made of glass, but it also has a social use.

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