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Understanding Floor Springs

Understanding Floor Springs


These are mechanical door closing devices used on glass doors with patch fittings. They are most appropriate where pull and push are necessary. The most common areas where they are mostly used include malls, business parks, and hospitals.


The market is awash with a wide variety of door closers. However, with all these options, floor springs are the most appealing for various reasons as seen below. They may be fairly more expensive than the standard door closers and require more expertise to install, but they are worth the extra cost.


Why Floor Springs?


Here are some good reasons why floor springs are more preferred over the other door closers.


1. The fact that Floor Springs are virtually invisible makes them the best choice for glass doors. Unless one takes a keen look, it is hard to notice them. This is because they seamlessly blend with the floor without giving the surface a disfigured look. They have an attractive, clean finish that neither ruins the door line nor detract its original design. Not only are they used for glass doors; They can also be used on stainless steel and aluminum doors, as well as those made from wood. They can be used indoors or outdoors, as it pleases you.


To ensure that the invisibility factor is not a limitation when choosing floor springs, different manufacturers use different materials, color and size to achieve their variety. However, regardless of size and material, safety standards have to be adhered to. Fiberglass doors are the most aesthetic and most durable glass doors, given their resistance to scratches.


2. Floor Springs have very shallow installation heights, making them suitable for use on all types of floors. Their cover plates come in various styles that blend well with a variety of door furniture. You can either choose bronze, stainless steel or antique brass. Of course, you are not restricted in choice, because you can also go for your personal bespoke style that could be anything between vintage and modern.


3. Floor Springs are very versatile. You can use them on either single or on double action doors. Not only that, they are the only choice for use on oversize doors. The weight of such floor to ceiling doors is usually too much for ordinary closers to bear. In areas that experience high winds, heavy doors can be a great risk, which is conveniently dealt with by the use of floor springs. They conveniently control the opening and closing of such doors, preventing slamming, a factor that weakens doors and is a potential cause of harm and injury.


4. With Floor Springs, it is possible to adjust the speed and force with which the door closes. Some even come with an electromagnetic function that enables you to hold open the door if it musn't close. This function is especially very useful in areas with high traffic. If you link the springs to a fire alarm, the door closes automatically in the event of a fire breakout. This is why they are the most preferred for use with fire and smoke protection doors.


How They Work


Floor Springs are operated by a CAM action mechanism, where the CAM spindle is rotated by the bottom arm, the one fixed on the door. This happens regardless of the direction in which the door is opened. In turn, the rotation of the CAM spindle leads to the rotation of the CAM itself. The action of the CAM is transmitted to the piston head. Actually, the CAM and the piston are connected, such that when the CAM rotates, it the piston head is pulled, compressing the compression oil and springs. The compressed spring preserves energy, while the compression coil is displaced to the opposite side of the piston head.


Opening the door to an angle of 90causes the CAM to engage the arrester pin, whose purpose is to keep the door open, until it's disengaged by the application of force to the door. If the door is not opened to an angle of 90 the spring pushes the piston head, hence closing the door.


Choosing the Right Floor Springs: What to Look For


There is a wide variety of floor springs in the market today. Before you buy a unit, it is vital to take into consideration a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:


1. The Width and Height of the Door. As already mentioned above, floor springs are the best option for use with glass doors. But above that, they are also the best for use with oversized or floor to ceiling doors. Such heavy doors can only function better with advanced closers.


2. Location of the Door. Floor spris is best for internal doors that can be swung in either way, like those found in hospitals, as well as in commercial kitchens. They are also a great fit for external doors that need to either close automatically or remain open, as dictated by the prevailing circumstances. Picking the wrong floor springs for these purposes can be very frustrating, besides being a waste of resources. For emergency doors that must remain closed in the event of fire breakout, it's advisable to use floor springs that are not designed to hold the door open.


3. The volume of Traffic. For areas with medium to high traffic volumes, overhead door closers are the most advisable to use. This is because they are very durable. They are available in various styles for both internal and exterior use. It goes without saying that they are the most used door closers in the market today. As compared to overhead closers, floor springs are much more durable, making them suitable for doors with the heaviest traffic.


All having been said and done, you deserve the best, and you don't have to get it at exorbitant prices. Depending on your budget, you can always find the most suitable floor springs that suit your functions, but which are within your budget. However, as important as it may be, affordability should not override quality.

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